Horizon 2020 support

There are several places where you can seek practical support regarding Horizon 2020.

ARMS The first place is from your institution’s administration, in particular your research administrators. In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Pacific, the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) offers a range of support options for research administrators, including in some international aspects such as Horizon 2020.

However, we recognise that many of your research administrators may not have the capacity or experience to be able to assist you with Horizon 2020 right now. In which case you may be able to find an official Horizon 2020 National Contact Point (NCP) for your country, though representation in the Pacific is limited at the moment.

Montroix Pty Ltd Failing that, there are commercial support options available. For example, the staff at Montroix Pty Ltd in Australia are perhaps the most qualified experts on Horizon 2020 in this part of the world. Their staff have been intimately involved with the success of significant international initiatives such as INCONTACT2020, PACE-Net, PACE-Net Plus, FEAST, COST, KoWi, CAESIE, AUS-ACCESS4EU, and others…