This website serves as a portal into all of the ongoing activities stemming from the PACE-Net Plus project, including policy development, upcoming events and funding opportunities.

If you are a Pacific-based researcher, or a European research with interests in the Pacific, please connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and receive valuable information about policies, research and opportunities in areas of mutual concern to both the Pacific and Europe.

This initiative started with two successive projects funded by the European Commission, via the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).

The first project

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The first project, simply called PACE-Net (Pacific-EU Network for science and Technology), operated from 2010–2013. It achieved some important outcomes, including the publication of Recommendations for a Strategic Plan on Research, Innovation and Development in the Pacific, and the development of the Pacific Islands Universities Research Network (PIURN).

You can learn more about the first PACE-Net project at the following websites:

The second project


The second project, called PACE-Net Plus (Pacific-Europe Network for Science, Technology and Innovation), operated from 2013–2016. In addition to continuing bi-regional discussions in ST&I, PACE-Net Plus initiated a number of highly-focussed thematic think-tanks that brought together actors to jointly develop high-impact collaborative research projects. Subsequently, a number of these ideas were provided with seed-funding to further develop the necessary collaborative relationships and project ideas.

Most importantly, however, the PACE-Net Plus project initiated the development (and discussion) of a Pacific regional ST&I roadmap. It is this ongoing work that is continuing beyond the life of the original project, with additional funding from other sources and significant amount of in-kind contributions from key stakeholders and individuals.

More information about the second PACE-Net Plus project can be found at:

And download some of the project’s published outcomes at: plus.pacenet.eu/project.