2017 Call for Proposals: Programme for Strengthening Non-state Actors (NSAs) Engagement in Regional Policy Development and Implementation

The Programme for Strengthening NSA Engagement in Regional Policy Development and Implementation seeks to promote good governance in the Pacific by opening up spaces for policy dialogue and by building capacity and ability of NSAs to participate effectively in regional policy and implementation.

Non-state Actors (NSAs) are defined as civil society organisations, non-government organisations, research institutes, think tanks, networks, issues-based coalitions, and organisations that represent the private sector. Refer to the footnote1 for an expanded definition of NSAs according to the EU.

The main stakeholders of the programme will be regionally focused NSAs and national NSA umbrella organisations in 14 Forum Island Countries (FICs) and in Timor Leste, and indirectly the communities and groups they represent. This programme will ultimately support policies that reflect the needs and perspectives of civil society and that have been developed through a participatory process.

The programme will provide capacity development through a variety of training avenues and stakeholder workshops for NSAs to strengthen their engagement in policy development processes at the regional level, with positive flow-on impacts for the national level. It will also support NSAs to contribute to policy making processes, to monitor policies and, ultimately to help implement those policies. The programme will also support the development of an enabling environment for policy engagement through structured dialogue mechanisms between NSAs, PIFS and Development Partners.

Further information: grants.forumsec.org/index.php/2-uncategorised/26-gr03-guidelines-for-grant-applicants